• Church of Peace in Jawor
    a historic wooden timber-framed Evangelical church in the town of Jawor, built in 1648 after the Peace of Westphalia, a series of treaties that ended the Thirty Years’ War. The church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Słup Reservoir
    a reservoir created on the Nysa Szalona River, 1 km northwest of the administrative border of the town of Jawor.
    INTERESTING FACT: the waters of the reservoir hide a flooded palace where Field Marshal Blücher resided for some time. It was here that he found out about the approaching French army and planned the Battle of Katzbach in 1813.
  • The land of extinct volcanoes
    This stretches from Jawor to Wleń. It is marked by distinctive conical hills and rocks not found in other regions of Poland. Under Wolf’s Hill (Wilcza Góra) volcanic bombs are buried: round boulders weighing several tonnes, ejected from the depths of the earth along with red-hot lava and ashes. The landscape in today’s basin of the Kaczawa River used to be like hell but calmed down, and eventually this region turned into one of the most charming corners of Poland.
  • ALASKA Stables
    Just 300 m from our palace. The place is run by very likeable young people and offers horseback riding.
  • Wrocław – The European Capital of Culture 2016
    One hour by car from our palace.

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